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About US – Iranian Flora Chromosome Index

Iran is the second largest country in the Middle East, with an area of 1.648.000 km2. Until now, more than 8000 plant species have been identified in Iran. Due to the important role of chromosomes in the inheritance and breeding of plant, Research Institute of Forest and Rangelands has launched the database of Iranian Flora Chromosome Index (IFCI).

Goals of the Strategic Council of Iran’s Flora Chromosome Index (IFCI)

Evaluation of the number of chromosomal and their morphology in order to:

– Determining of relationships between species,

– Using in hybridization system & production of new variation,

– Changing in ploidy levels to improve the economic properties,

increase of Essential Oils, ….

Determination of species genome size for cyto-toxonomic studies and evaluation of genome size relationship with morphological, karyotypic, geographical & economical characterization of species.

Identification of homo-ploid species & their hybrids

Prediction of phenotypic, physiological & ecological characteristics using genomic & Chromosomal data.

Council members

  1. Prof.  Adel Jalili
  2. Prof. Fatemeh Sefidkon
  3. Prof. Seyed Mahmood Ghaffari
  4. Associate Prof. Abbas Ghamari Zare
  5. Prof. Seyed Mohsen Hesamzadeh Hejazi
  6. Prof. Ziba Jamzad
  7. Associate Prof. Mohammad Matinizadeh
  8. Prof.  Ali Asghar Masoomi

Secretariat members

1.Dr. Fereshteh Asadi-Corom

2.Dr. Mansoureh Sedaghati

3.Dr. Saeedeh Mirzadeh Vaghefi

4.Dr. Mohammad Amini Rad

5.Dr. Hamideh Javadi

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